Essentials of Montage in Architecture

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Max Treiber, Sandra Meireis, Julian Franke (eds.)

Dimensions. Journal of Architectural Knowledge

Vol. 2, No. 4/2022: Essentials of Montage in Architecture

»Dimensions. Journal of Architectural Knowledge« is an academic journal in, on and from the discipline of architecture, addressing the creation, constitution and transmission of architectural knowledge. It explores methods genuine to the discipline and architectural modes of interdisciplinary methodological adaptions. Processes, procedures and results of knowledge creation and practice are esteemed coequally, with particular attentiveness to the architectural design and epistemologies of aesthetic practice and research.

Dimensions Issue 4/2022, edited by Max Treiber, Sandra Meireis, and Julian Franke, provides a comprehensive collection of theories, methods, and visions to highlight the relevance of montage for visual and spatial practices as well as for knowledge production in architecture.