European Architectures in the Age of Climate Change

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In: ARDETH #07 — EUROPE. ARCHITECTURE, INFRASTRUCTURE, TERRITORY. Politecnico di Torino, pp. 46-65. Online:

Sandra Meireis

European Architectures in the Age of Climate Change


As a reaction to worldwide calls for a change of the ecological consciousness, and a general overhaul of the global economic system, new movements and manifestos are emerging in connection with the construction industry, which is one of the sectors that can make a significant contribution to climate protection. In this article, European Architectures in the Age of Climate Change (EAACC) are being proposed as an idea that brings nature, society and architecture together, and has the potential to reshape the cities and regions of Europe into a cleaner and fairer tomorrow. A socially just, environmentally friendly, and economically productive Green New Deal (GND) implemented in the Urban Agenda of the European Union can pave the way for a sustainable urban and rural future Europe.